Spiritual maturity is a lifelong process. It begins the day you are born and continues all your life.

At Downtown, we believe the church and family should work together to raise the next generation of Christians. Deuteronomy 6 shows clearly that we are to love God, think constantly about His commandments, teach his commandments to our children, and live each day by the guidelines in His word.
We believe God designed parents to be the uniquely perfect, primary faith trainers of their children. Leading begins at home with family. Equipping the generations means that as we grow, we lead the next generation spiritually.

If the church and family are to work together to equip the generations, we need a common path on which to walk. We call this path "Milestones: Building a Legacy of Faith." The Milestone path is intended to equip you as a parent for your family's journey through each life phase beginning with your newborn's first cry through your child's graduation from high school.

A milestone is "an event, preceded by a period of instruction from parents, which celebrates a spiritual development point in a child's life." (Jim Weidman)

The Milestone Path:

Milestone 1: The Birth of a Baby
Milestone 2: Preparing for Academic Success
Milestone 3: Leading a Child to Christ
Milestone 4: Preparing for Adolescence
Milestone 5: Purity for Life
Milestone 6: Gaining Independence
Milestone 7: Graduation

Additional Milestone training opportunities will be offered throughout the year. Be watching for additional information on some of the following:

  • wellspring-logoWellspring Summit: Parenting with Purpose – A Saturday event filled with classes, fellowship, special speaker, panels and more to equip parents to grow together. Currently, this event will be provided on the first Saturday in November.

Other offerings include:

  • Sunday morning parent classes
  • Wednesday night parent classes

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