We want to make sure Downtown remains a safe place to learn about Jesus. Our Child/Youth Safety Policy keeps kids safe from the nursery on up. All teachers in our Bible classes have had a background check.  We have several security features in place for each different age group:

NurserHand in Hand Logoies: When an infant/toddler is brought to one of our nurseries, the parent is given a pager. The number on the pager is written on the child's name tag. When it is time to pick up the child, only the person with the pager may pick up the child.

Two's - Kindergarten: We use a double-tag system to keep these youngsters safe. Each child is given a name tag, and the parent is given an identical tag. At pick-up time, a child may be picked up only by the person with the matching tag.

Elementary: 1st through 6th grade is located upstairs in our children's wing. We ask that parents of 1st graders drop off and pick-up their children for Bible class. 2nd graders through 6th graders will be dismissed on their own. However, we think it is a good idea for these parents and kids to have a specified meeting place after Bible class.

Parents!  Once your children leave our care, it is important that you understand your responsibility while you remain in our church facility.  Please be aware of where your children are and remember that all children on the playground must be supervised by a parent.

ALL VOLUNTEERS!  Please read the following carefully:

All volunteers and teachers involved in our classrooms will need to go to the online application below.  Please fill out all appropriate information and hit submit.  This information will be sent to us so that we can run a background check.


All volunteers must read our Child/Youth Safety Policy (PDF) document for more information about how we protect our children.  

Please notice three links below: Section 1 must be read by all volunteers.  Section 2 is to be read by children's ministry volunteers only.  Section 3 is to be read by youth ministry volunteers only.  All volunteers must read section 1, the shared section, and then select the section(s) appropriate to the ministry area for which they volunteer.


The following (PDF) form will need to be copied off, signed and turned into the appropriate staff or the church office.  This forms acknowledges that you have read and will abide by our Child/Youth Safety Policy.  Please make sure you read our policy before signing this form.

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